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How to Make Money from Blogging: Panel Discussion

How do you turn your blog into a business?

1. Highlights (2:12)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (2:12) 2:12 FREE!
  2. How to Make Money from Blogging, part 1 (14:48) 14:48 FREE!
  3. How to Make Money from Blogging, part 2 (15:18) 15:18 FREE!
  4. How to Make Money from Blogging, part 3 (14:50) 14:50 FREE!
  5. How to Make Money from Blogging, part 4 (14:51) 14:51 FREE!
  6. How to Make Money from Blogging, part 5 (13:29) 13:29 FREE!

Video Details

This panel discussion, sponsored by AOL, will explore the different ways that writers, journalists, and bloggers can earn a living by writing for others, or for themselves. Featured guests will be journalists, editors and bloggers who will provide different perspectives on how to blog successfully. It's an opportunity to connect with them directly, refresh the way you think about blogging, and take away key ideas on how to make a living by doing what you love.

The panel is moderated by Jennifer Eggers, independent copywriter and creative director, and features Stephen Lenz, editor in chief of Urlesque; Lockhart Steele, president and publisher, Curbed; and Dorothy McGivney, founder and editor of Jauntsetter.

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