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How to Send a Message with Color

How can you be sure that your color choices are telling the story that you and your client want told?

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Video Details

Color is one of the most important tools a designer has in conveying a message, but how can you be sure that your color choices are telling the story that you and your client want told? In this eye-opening tutorial, designer/blogger Nancy Hoffmann takes you for a spin through the color wheel... from a designer's perspective. Using movie posters, costumes, and famous paintings as examples, she points out how colors communicate with the eye and with each other.

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Nancy Hoffmann
Founder of TomatoDesign.Net, Nancy L. Hoffmann is a documentary illustrator turned web/graphic designer. As an artist, she drove a jeep for 3 years in the Chiapas, Mexico, jungle/war zone (working with the Maya). She also spent 3 years in Turkey, and in Syria (hunting birds in the desert and hanging with a Druse band), during the Gulf War. She has many years of art direction and design experience, and has taught design and marketing at several art schools in the tri-state area. Her main blog is at Her claim to fame is the branding of New Jersey as "The Big Tomato" (vs. "The Big Apple"), which is how her own company became branded with that fruit/vegetable.