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Media, Society, and Change with Douglas Rushkoff

The author and expert reveals his hyper-relevant take on the future of media in this eBook Summit address

1. Preview (2:32)

Table of Contents

  1. Preview (2:32) 2:32 FREE!
  2. Is It All Over for Writers? (12:42) 12:42 FREE!
    It's not all over, but it's all over for a lot of us. That's not necessarily a bad thing, Rushkoff begins. We need to understand the biases of the new media we're using. The barrier to entry to writing and distribution are lower. Just because writers can't make writing doesn't mean value doesn't come from their labors. Other people are getting paid. The big problem is our economic model.
  3. Why Writers Still Matter (11:51) 11:51 FREE!
    Old models are based on scarcity; now that there's nothing to make scarce, we don't know how to pay for things. Rushkoff gives examples from the music industry to illustrate how talent and creativity are not valued in this society. Professional journalists and writers still matter; he provides key reasons why.
  4. Creating Value is the Key (11:05) 11:05 FREE!
    The landscape right now actually favors independent publishing. The aggregation game is for the big boys; it's time to create value, not extract it. Rushkoff takes questions and comments from the audience.

Video Details

In this address at Mediabistro's eBook Summit, author Douglas Rushkoff kept the audience rapt with his hyper-relevant take on the future of media and society. Bringing in video games, graphic novels, the music industry, Dungeons and Dragons, and many other art forms, Rushkoff paints a picture of a new media world in which barriers to entry are lower, but rewards are harder to come by. What's the answer? Perhaps creativity will win out. This talk will excite and incite you; make the time to watch and understand it. Douglas Rushkoff is the author, most recently, of Life Inc: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back. He has published ten bestselling books about media, society and change that have been translated to over thirty languages. He lectures around the world, hosts The MediaSquat on WFMU radio, makes Frontline documentaries -including The Merchants of Cool - and teaches at the New School University. He is best known as the originator of the terms media virus, social currency, and digital natives, as well as his application of open source principles to government, religion, and economics.

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