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Mediabistro Circus: Brand All-Stars

Break through the noise by using branding to strengthen your organization, says Edelman Digital's Steve Rubel

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  2. Branding Yourself, Your Employees, and Your Company (22:00) 22:00 FREE!
    Steve begins by explaining the concept of "corporate all-stars" for marketing a company or cause. It's one of "five digital trends to watch" as seen on his blog We're all dealing with a firehose of information: people are declaring email bankruptcy and saying enough is enough. This has implications for brands: people are making more careful choices now. How many times do you need to hear something to believe it? Communication with a company employee, as it turns out, is high on the trust scale, and this is important to brands. Steve uses the New York Yankees as an example: they find all-stars, then package them together as a brand. Why not try that strategy in your company?
  3. Digital Embassies, and Questions and Answers (12:07) 12:07 FREE!
    Steve introduces the concept of "digital embassies," places where customers can interact with your company's employees online. He gives examples of how Pepsi and EMC made this happen. Who are the rock stars in your organization, and how can you activate them? Steve takes questions from the audience: How do you train employees to represent the company in social media? Who is doing it well? As a freelancer, I'd like to become a rock star for an organization. How do I do that? How, as a corporation, do you decide who responds to different tweets? (Hint: works well.)

Video Details

Steve Rubel
SVP, Director of Insights, Edelman Digital

A powerful personal brand might be one of the most important assets you can have, especially during turbulent economic times. SVP/director of insights for Edelman Digital, Steve Rubel highlights strategic moves you can make to build and market your brand via social media. People want to see the faces behind your company, and you need to make that happen.


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