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Mediabistro Circus: Marketing Renaissance: The Age of the Customer

Learn the secrets of marketing in the digital age from experts who have used their experience to build new models for success

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Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. Jumping For Art (11:29) 11:29 FREE!
    In the first segment, Doug Jaeger of the firm Taxi New York, describes his thoughts about experience design and how the digital world can make it more efficient. He takes on the topic of "art jumping" and explains projects that have included the Museum of Modern Art, 92nd Street Y, and other institutions. A simple idea got lots of great press and brought people together as part of a cultural experience.
  3. Making Human Connections Online (23:32) 23:32 FREE!
    Valeria Maltoni speaks about the mechanisms that can help us understand the new environment created by social media. How can you analyze peoples' behavior based on the conversations they're having online? How can online networks help people connect?
  4. How Can Digital Help Your Brand? (10:48) 10:48 FREE!
    Garrick Schmidt explains: Actions speak louder than advertising. Digital will differentiate your brand: you just need to think about it differently. Brand marketers are having a hard time building brands online. Garrick explains how Starbucks' "Splash Stick" was created based on customer feedback. It has "digital DNA." CNN's Facebook Connect for the inauguration, Virgin America's Red system, Comcast's innovative online customer service, Razorfish's digital persona for Barbie's fiftieth anniversary, and other projects are discussed.
  5. Questions and Answers (10:12) 10:12 FREE!
    Larry Weintraub begins by explaining that the number one reason that people buy or try something is because someone they trust told them to do it. His company, Fanscape, is a digital word of mouth marketing agency. People have stopped paying attention to ads on the internet. How can brands market online in a social media age?

Video Details

Social Media. Search. Customer Engagement. Word of Mouth. Authenticity. These terms are critical drivers in a new era of marketing and advertising strategies. This group of digital marketing experts will discuss how customer behavior is evolving around technology, explore emerging trends and business models that will shape marketing, PR and advertising in years to come.

The discussion is led by Larry Weintraub (CEO and co-founder, Fanscape) and includes Garrick Schmitt (VP Experience Planning, Razorfish), Valeria Maltoni (Founder, and Doug Jaeger (Innovation Director, Taxi New York).


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