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Mediabistro Circus: New Business Models for Media

New media entrepreneurs share their secrets and answer questions from the audience.

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. Meet the Panel (11:08) 11:08 FREE!
    Larry begins by letting the panel introduce themselves and their businesses. Thor Muller begins by explaining how he started Get Satisfaction, based on observations he'd made about customer service. Elisa Camahort Page tells the origin story of BlogHer, started by three women bloggers. Michelle Madhok talks about her startup, SheFinds: she always wanted to put commerce and content together, and did it herself. Ben Lerer gives the quick and dirty on how he mashed up men's magazines and city guides to create Thrillist.
  3. Financing for Startups: The Real Stories (21:21) 21:21 FREE!
    How is it starting a business with no money? How did you get funding for your ideas? Each of the panelists takes on the question of financing, including lots of advice on how to deal with venture capital firms. Eternal optimism is key for entrepreneurs, Larry says. The panelists tell their personal stories about how they got the money they needed to get started and keep things going.
  4. Questions and Answers (23:00) 23:00 FREE!
    The panel takes questions from the audience. Could you talk about the various types of jobs at your companies? Community management is a new area that's exploding. How has internet advertising become more targeted, and how does it impact your sites? How do you go about finding a good VC funding partner? What are the top tricks to get in the door at a venture firm? How much credence can you give projections? What are the new business models for the web with the current economic climate?

Video Details

Larry Kramer, formerly president of CBS Digital, now senior advisor for Polaris Ventures, sits down with several media start ups to find out why they are growing rapidly, despite the economy, how they’re making money, and what their growth strategies are. They’ll discuss the media business, and how to plan successfully for what's ahead.

The discussion includes Elisa Camahort Page (COO, BlogHer), Ben Lerer (Co-founder & CEO, Thrillist), Michelle Madhok (CEO, SheFinds Media), and Thor Muller (Founder/CEO, GetSatisfaction)


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