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Mediabistro Circus: Questions and Answers with John A. Byrne and Jeff Howe

The two experts share their experiences with social media, aggregation, making money on the web, the wisdom of crowds, and other hot topics

1. Highlights (00:56)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (00:56) 00:56 FREE!
  2. Money and the Mob (10:26) 10:26 FREE!
    John and Jeff take questions: In terms of monetization, can you spell out where the money is coming from for your projects? Could you explain social media aggregation? With regard to crowdsourcing: what about "mob mentality" on the internet? Are there downsides to crowd applications? What about comments on the web, and the "most emailed" stories on the New York Times site?
  3. Engaging and Managing Users (12:35) 12:35 FREE!
    How about Google page rank? How do you measure user engagement? How many people at are devoted to community management? How do you take the cacophony of comments and turn it into something usable? With services like Facebook Connect and Open ID becoming more popular, how will big companies work with those opportunities? What's up with restrictions and guidelines for reporters using Twitter? What advice do you have for journalism students right now?

Video Details

John A. Byrne, Executive Editor/Editor-in-Chief, BusinessWeek.comand Jeff Howe
Wired editor and author of Crowdsourcing, take on questions from the Mediabistro Circus audience.


2 videos
23 minutes

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