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Michela O'Connor Abrams: Dwell's New Experience of Media

Dwell has become a digital media leader. Learn how, in this Mediabistro Circus 2010 presentation

1. Highlights (1:42)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:42) 1:42 FREE!
  2. Michela O'Connor Abrams: Dwell's New Experience of Media, Part 1 (15:11) 15:11 FREE!
  3. Michela O'Connor Abrams: Dwell's New Experience of Media, Part 2 (19:12) 19:12 FREE!
  4. Michela O'Connor Abrams: Dwell's New Experience of Media, Part 3 (10:29) 10:29 FREE!

Video Details

The driver of magazines and content in the future will be digital, so says Michela O'Connor Abrams. Magazines will be calling cards, and revenue will be derived from digital tools and the community that stems from live events and experiences. In this session, Michela shares her vision of what the future of media looks like.

Michela O'Connor Abrams is President of Dwell Media, the award-winning design and lifestyle media company. Ms. O'Connor Abrams' leadership has led Dwell magazine to General Excellence at the National Magazine Awards, the Adweek HotList, the Advertising Age A-List, and Cappell's Circulation Top Ten Performer growth. In 2009, Dwell Media was a finalist in the corporate category for the prestigious National Design Awards through the Cooper Hewitt Museum. Ms. O'Connor Abrams herself was honored in 2005 by Media Industry News as Sales Leader of the Year. Most recently, Ms. Abrams has initiated several successful brand extensions for Dwell Media including Dwell Digital, Dwell on Design events, and the Dwell Homes Collection. The newest Dwell platform launched by O'Connor Abrams and team this Spring is the for-profit platform Dwell Strategy+Research and its groundbreaking "intelligence service." Prior to her role at Dwell, Ms. O'Connor Abrams was the President of Imagine Media's Business Division, including its flagship publication Business 2.0.

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