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Multiplatform Smartphone Games: Smartphone Games Summit

Learn about the elements of smartphone games on iPhone and Android from our experts

1. Multiplatform Smartphone Games, Preview (2:39)

Table of Contents

  1. Multiplatform Smartphone Games, Preview (2:39) 2:39 FREE!
  2. Multiplatform Smartphone Games, Part 1 (16:25) 16:25 FREE!
  3. Multiplatform Smartphone Games, Part 2 (15:31) 15:31 FREE!

Video Details

Thinking about building games for the iPhone and Android? Wondering about what it takes to succeed? We've assembled a strong lineup of folks with hands-on experience. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from their wisdom.

This panel is moderated by Jill Ford of Motorola and features Jim Greer, CEO, Kongregate; Stewart Putney; Founder and CEO, Moblyng; David Helgason, CEO & Co-founder, Unity Technologies; and Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle, Rovio Mobile Ltd.

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