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Optimizing the Monetization Funnel: Social Developer Summit

There are numerous business models out there -- which strategies have been most effective?

1. Highlights (2:00)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (2:00) 2:00 FREE!
  2. Optimizing the Monetization Funnel: JON PHENIX (10:33) 10:33 FREE!
  3. Optimizing the Monetization Funnel: JIA SHEN (13:54) 13:54 FREE!
  4. Optimizing the Monetization Funnel: IAN SWANSON (7:51) 7:51 FREE!
  5. Optimizing the Monetization Funnel: Q and A (22:41) 22:41 FREE!

Video Details

Building slick new tools is great but there isn't much value in a product that doesn't make money. There are numerous business models that developers are using, but what strategies have been most effective? We will talk with those individuals responsible for monetization at some of the top companies to discuss what reaction they're receiving from customers and what is working most effectively for them.

Featuring: Optimizing Offer Networks by IAN SWANSON, Co-founder and CEO, Sometrics; Streamlining Ops and Maximizing Revenue from Ad Network by JON PHENIX, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nexage; Monetization Game Mechanics by JIA SHEN CTO and Founder, Rock You.

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