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Panel: Social Media and the Customer: Focus on Community Management

Our panel teaches you how community management can drive great customer service and transform your business

1. Highlights (2:00)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (2:00) 2:00 FREE!
  2. Shirley Brady and Saul Colt on Engagement and Conversation (19:18) 19:18 FREE!
    Seamus Condron, Community Manager for, introduces the panel by describing the role of community manager. Shirley Brady, formerly of, talks about how engagement and conversation worked on the BusinessWeek site and how she fostered community within a media organization. Saul Colt then talks about and how building community is like dating a pretty girl.
  3. Valeria Maltoni and Amber Naslund on Education and Accountability (19:07) 19:07 FREE!
    Valeria Maltoni talks about internal and external communities, and bringing people together to educate and share information. She explains how she doesn't follow the rules, and how that has helped in her career as a conversation agent. Amber Naslund talks about Radian 6, a company that helps organizations track how their social media and community programs are working.
  4. The Future of Community Management and Social Media Measurement (14:08) 14:08 FREE!
    Seamus asks Amber to talk about hiring social media talent. Will the title of community manager exist in five years? How will communication skills evolve? What about social media "snake oil"? What's the ROI for social media efforts, and how do you value and quantify them?
  5. Questions and Answers, Part 1 (20:55) 20:55 FREE!
    The panel takes questions from the audience: When should I get involved in social media if I'm promoting a project? What are the best ways to start using Twitter? What can we learn from crowdsourcing? What about ning networks?
  6. Questions and Answers, Part 2 (13:30) 13:30 FREE!
    How has the spokesperson role changed? How can you get your company to understand how important community management is? How do you find companies that are engaged in social media and build a career?

Video Details

In this Mediabistro panel discussion, the conversation focuses on the emerging role of Community Manager, and what that role means in different types of organizations. Panelists also explore recent trends, and what community and social media practices have worked for successful customer communities. Seamus Condron, Community Manager for, leads a panel of experts including Shirley Brady, former Community Editor,, Saul Colt, Startup Evangelist,; Valeria Maltoni, Conversation Agent; and Amber Naslund, Director of Community, Radian 6.

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