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Preparing Art for Silk Screen

Silk-screen printing, especially for T-shirts is more popular than ever.

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
    Watch a free preview of Preparing Art for Silk Screen
  2. What is screen printing? (A basic definition) FREE!
  3. A brief history (Part 1) about 2000 years ago... FREE!
  4. A brief history (Part 2) turn of the century FREE!
  5. A brief history (Part 3) through today FREE!
  6. Art preparation (Film Positive) FREE!
  7. Art preparation (The Design - one color) FREE!
  8. Art preparation (The Design - two or more colors) FREE!

Video Details

Silk-screen printing, especially for T-shirts is more popular than ever. Screen printing is defined and art preparation for basic screen printing is explained in this tutorial. In addition, a brief history of the medium accompanied by visual examples provides a fun, fast crash course in how this technique has been used in art for centuries.

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Zoe Fedeles
Zoe Fedeles is a graphic designer and owner of Zoe Graphics in New York City. Having received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts, she went on to freelance as a designer in New York City. Relocating to South Florida in the early 1990s, she established her studio as an award winning organization. While Zoe Graphics creates work for a variety of clients, over the last decade, the company has acquired a positive reputation among nonprofit organizations as a design studio that understands the needs of this special sector.