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Social Meets Mobile: Social Developer Summit

Where are social and mobile headed? Where do they intersect?

1. Social Meets Mobile, Part 1 (9:08)

Table of Contents

  1. Social Meets Mobile, Part 1 (9:08) 9:08 FREE!
  2. Social Meets Mobile, Part 2 (10:28) 10:28 FREE!
  3. Social Meets Mobile, Part 3 (8:23) 8:23 FREE!
  4. Social Meets Mobile, Part 4 (12:14) 12:14 FREE!
  5. Social Meets Mobile, Part 5 (19:25) 19:25 FREE!

Video Details

While social platforms present significant opportunities to developers, much of the action is now taking place on mobile devices. We'll speak to some of the largest mobile app developers who've built integrated social experiences to find out what they're currently focused on and where they think the social/mobile space is headed. How important are location-aware features and what's the best way to implement them? We'll also learn about how these companies are driving new users and generating revenue on the iPhone as well as other platforms like Android.

Featuring Cathy Edwards, CTO/Co-Founder, Chomp; Mike Malone, Infrastructure Engineer, SimpleGeo; Jake Mintz, co-founder, Bump Technologies; Somrat Niyogi, CEO/Founder, Bazaar Labs; and Jason Oberfest, VP Social Applications,

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