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TVNewser Summit: New Tools of the Trade

Technology has changed news media. Our panelists fill you in on the latest.

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. What's New in News Media (11:03) 11:03 FREE!
    The panel discusses how people want to receive and consume news, and how big and little media can work together. New tools are available, and the social web is where people are interacting. Traditional media has the opportunity to participate in those conversations. How are they doing? A quick profile of how NowPublic works rounds out the segment.
  3. To Tweet or Not to Tweet? (11:57) 11:57 FREE!
    The panel engages in a spirited debate on the value of Twitter. Media self-absorption hothouse? Essential newsgathering tool? Or both? What's the importance of phone and face-to-face relationships in the digital age?
  4. What's the Story? (18:44) 18:44 FREE!
    Twitter allows its audience to innovate. But how do you know who's really tweeting? What role do editors play in web journalism? What can citizen journalists learn from major news organizations? A clip from "The Fix," a behind-the-scenes online show from ABC News, is shown and discussed. Panelists speak about how bringing news to the web lowers the costs of production and content. What about seeing technology as a means instead of an end? The stories are still the important thing.
  5. Answers to Key Questions (18:10) 18:10 FREE!
    Tammy Haddad takes questions from the audience. What's the new career path for young reporters? What are the opportunities out there? How do you verify stories in an online world? How do filtering and aggregation play roles in online journalism? What's the future of the local newspaper? The panelists take a crack at these, and other questions.

Video Details

In this discussion at the TVNewser Summit, panelists provide a variety of perspectives on how technology has changed the way reporters do their jobs, the rise in citizen journalism, social media, and the way news is reported and distributed.

This TVNewser Summit panel, moderated by Tammy Haddad (Haddad Media), features Rick Klein (ABC News; The Note), Jim Long (Verge New Media), Michael Meyers (NowPublic), and Rome Hartman (BBC News).


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