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The New Newsroom: Journalism From Hyper-Local to Global

News is changing quickly. Our experts from Mediabistro's UGCX Conference will fill you in on the latest.

1. Highlights (1:59)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:59) 1:59 FREE!
  2. Introducing the New Newsroom (15:31) 15:31 FREE!
    Rome begins by asking Rachel to trace the path of a story on her site, Along the way, she explains how the citizen journalism platform works, and describes the process of publication. NowPublic has a different model, as does; Michael explains how they operate. Scott describes Publish2, his company which provides platforms for sites to curate and distribute content. Rome asks the panel: What about the Balloon Boy story? For both large news organizations and citizen journalists, how do you decide whether or not to cover a story? Is the "wisdom of the crowd" always right? Is local news under siege?
  3. Solutions for the Future of News (12:50) 12:50 FREE!
    Rome asks the panel: What are the solutions you see that will allow local news to survive, if not flourish? How can citizen journalism help? Local education and advances is social media might be parts of the answer. Public radio and television have roots in the local community; how can they best use these connections? Rome explains the business model of the BBC. Could a local media tax ever work in the U.S.? Social media is part of the daily routine now; news finds people in new ways now. New economic models are coming.
  4. A Cure for Cynicism (10:47) 10:47 FREE!
    The American public is profoundly cynical about news organizations, Rome asserts. Can citizen journalism help? Is the chase for audience more important than the quality of the story? Hasn't this always been true, though? What can we learn from public service values? What about the high-low model? Question from the audience: How does user-generated content change your relationship to press releases and PR in general?
  5. Questions and Answers (11:31) 11:31 FREE!
    More questions: How does user-generated content work for people who don't have access to the web and social media? Mobile is one of the answers, Rachel says. What about Fox News? They have an incredibly loyal audience; what's happening there? What do you know about demographics for traditional markets and social media? Are the BBC and NPR are as biased as Fox News?

Video Details

Breaking news stories make their way to the public through social media sites, user generated news sites, mobile, and more. It's a new kind of newsroom, and in this UGCX session, you'll hear from some of the business leaders who are changing the way we get our news and information. This panel is moderated by Rome Hartman, Executive Producer, BBC World News America, and features Michael Meyers, Co-founder and CTO, NowPublic; Rachel Sterne, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Ground Report; and Scott Karp, Co-founder and CEO, Publish2.

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