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The Social Media Audit

Is your social media strategy working hard enough for you?

1. Preview (1:46)

Table of Contents

  1. Preview (1:46) 1:46 FREE!
  2. The Social Media Audit, Part 1 (15:24) 15:24 FREE!
  3. The Social Media Audit, Part 2 (14:22) 14:22 FREE!
  4. The Social Media Audit, Part 3 (16:58) 16:58 FREE!
  5. The Social Media Audit, Part 4 (11:53) 11:53 FREE!

Video Details

With the importance of using social media channels to promote your company's message and growth, you've probably found yourself jumping in feet first to get on Twitter, Facebook, and emerging new media sites as quickly as possible to increase your brand's presence. But have you stopped to think about how these channels can help you meet your business or personal goals? Unless you are clear on what your goals are, and how they can be measured, chances are you aren't using these social media outlets to their full potential.

That's where the social media audit comes in. The most successful social media programs start with an analysis of their existing online presence to determine goals for any social media programs moving forward. Using a few key searches, you can examine which social media channels are best for your company and how to make your message come across.

In this webcast, you will learn how to keep track of where and how your company is represented online; how you size up against your top competitors; how to know what's working and what's not; where you can best reach your influencers; where you can make headway in your market; and how you can leverage your findings to make the best social media decisions

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Jennifer Neeley
Jennifer Neeley is a leading web strategist who heads up digital media efforts for high-profile clients and assists in figuring out how to make the social web work strategically and tactically for them. She has just completed a book for a Fortune 50 technology company and is on the faculty of San Francisco State University. Her specialties include the social media audit, behavioral triggering, using consumer methodologies as B2B solutions, and helping companies understand how to build programs that scale. Her radio program, The A-List, is featured on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes and boats over 100,000 listeners. Jennifer is on the board of Social Media Club and is programming director for the San Francisco / Silicon Valley chapter. She is also a two-time Emmy-nominated new and emerging television news media pioneer.


"Jennifer really knows her stuff, and she's very patient and supportive in helping her students get up to speed on Google Analytics and its ancillary web tech/web marketing issues." -- Janet Pinkerton "Jennifer was so impressive. She's got so much information to impart. She's inclusive, giving the more experienced people information they need and also the less experienced what they need. I reccommend her highly!" -- Therese Laskey "In just a short time, Jennifer helped me really understand what I should be doing to manage our company Facebook page. She shared her wealth of knowledge with the class!" -- Jenn Waters "Jennifer is a great instructor who encouraged her students. She prepared lesson plans that were full of useful content and homework. I was able to use the tips and strategies she shared immediately for my work." -- Veronica Lavarro "Jennifer was extremely resourceful, very thorough, and helpful in her feedback. I highly recommend taking a class with her! You will learn a lot and feel supported in the process!" -- Natalia Lusinski