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ThinkMobile Conference: Cool Hunting--It's All About Discovery

What's new in mobile marketing and advertising

1. Highlights (1:26)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:26) 1:26 FREE!
  2. Mobile is Part of the Package (15:07) 15:07 FREE!
    Sascha introduces the panel, and each speaker shares some thoughts. Mobile can't stand alone, we learn, but it can be a great measure of the success of other endeavors. You have to advertise your apps, and tapping into the behaviors and interests of your audience keeps your market broad and deep.
  3. Opt-In Options (15:00) 15:00 FREE!
    With a mobile marketing campaign involving SMS, how do you make sure that people can opt in easily, and they know what they're opting into? The panel tackles this sometimes tricky issue. Transparency is key for consumers. How can you keep customers coming back?
  4. Mid-Range Mobile (14:52) 14:52 FREE!
    The number-one smart phone brand is Blackberry. What kind of media is best tailored to these mid-range devices? CNN is getting more page views on mobile than online, we learn. Content begets ads, which begets revenue. Focus on content is key to engage consumers. For brands, as always, research your demographic. How do you measure app success? Visually pleasing apps make a huge difference with consumers. Mobile coupons will be huge soon; watch for them.
  5. Questions and Answers (15:00) 15:00 FREE!
    Are consumers just too lazy to opt-out? Sometimes. Questions from the audience: What's the success rate of video pre-roll? Video inside rich media ads is possibly more effective. Shortening a commercial for mobile just doesn't work; it has to be targeted. Most subscribers are on all-you-can-eat data plans, so the issue of cost-per is going away. Your URL makes a big difference for smart phones.

Video Details

How can your customers find out about your products and services on a mobile phone? We'll dig down into the key points you need to consider when developing a mobile marketing strategy from start to finish, such as: advertising, SEO, building services around location, data consumption, and more. The panel, moderated by Sascha Segan (Managing Editor,, features Jeff Arbour (SVP, North America, The Hyperfactory), Boris Fridman (CEO, Crisp Wireless, a mobile web content and advertising solutions company for premium publishers and brands), Troy Gibson (Director of Technology & Mobile, Resource, a digital agency specializing in strategy, creative and technology) and Jeff Hasen (Chief Marketing Officer, HipCricket, an award-winning mobile marketing agency.)

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