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ThinkMobile Conference: Monetization with Mobile Social Media

Our panel discusses the currencies that drive the mobile business model

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Social media has become a major part of our lives. The mobile device has become a terminal to the social media networks online as well as a breeding ground for unique mobile offers. The user-generated aspect of social media networks has been a challenge to monetization, and CPMs have remained low as social media marketing continues to be difficult to justify and track.

The importance of scalable, relevant models for getting mindshare and engagement rather than focusing too much on click-through rates is paramount. Our panel explains why.

In this discussion at ThinkMobile conference, panelists discuss the present and future of mobile social media. This panel, moderated by Alan Moore (founder, SMLXL), features Justin Siegel (CEO and Co-founder, MocoSpace), Arthur Goikhman (COO and Co-founder, Cellfun, Inc), and Nihal Mehta (CEO, buzzd).


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