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ThinkMobile Conference: Successful App Stories: How to Make Money in Mobile

Our panel discusses what it takes to make and maintain a killer app in the mobile space

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. So Many Apps, So Much Buzz (19:20) 19:20 FREE!
    Ralph begins with an anecdote about a computer programmer who lost a finger in an accident, and had it replaced with a USB drive: a lively beginning! He then outlines the recent core developments and leading change agents in mobile over the last few years, including the debut of the iPhone. Are the major telcos opening up at all? How does this impact off deck apps? How has the world changed through the use of mobile?
  3. Totally Cool Apps (27:59) 27:59 FREE!
    Ralph introduces the panel. Raven speaks about apps he's created, including the Obama '08 app. The huge array of apps is daunting: there are about 28,000 right now. How do you rise above the clutter? The app store is really a distribution medium: an app needs its own marketing campaign. Jackie speaks about Qik's Sundance project with Ashton Kutcher, live streaming video from mobile to web, and how users can do it themselves. Phil speaks about "extended memory," the concept of outsourcing human memory to your mobile device through Evernote. Joel discusses his development of iFart, an immensely popular app. What are the guerilla marketing ideas you can use to promote an app? Raven discusses Nearby, a community-based mapping app.
  4. Questions and Answers (7:30) 7:30 FREE!
    The panel takes questions. How does Qik work on iPhone? How do carriers feel about live streaming, with regard to bandwidth? What's the cost of developing an iPhone app? What turnkey solutions are available? How do you make your app SEO searchable/findable in the app store?

Video Details

This panel features developers and marketers of some of the coolest applications currently available for mobile. Our experts discuss recent core developments and leading change agents in mobile, while highlighting the strategies that make an app succeed in an increasingly crowded marketplace.  

This panel, moderated by Ralph Simon (Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Mobile Entertainment Forum), features Raven Zachary (iPhone Advisor), Joel Comm (Producer, iFart mobile), Jackie Danicki (Director of Marketing, Qik) and Phil Libin, (CEO, Evernote.)


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