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Using Specialty Printing Techniques to Improve Your Projects

very client wants you to create pieces that stand out. Jonathan Gouthier explores several techniques.

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Table of Contents

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  9. Specialty Inks FREE!
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Video Details

Every client wants you to create pieces that stand out. Jonathan Gouthier explores several techniques--foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, laser cutting, thermography, and specialty inks--that can help designers achieve tactile, interactive results. Included are tips on how best to use these techniques, how to combine them for maximum effect, and how to fit these special processes into your timetable and budget.

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Jonathan J. Gouthier
In George Bernard Shaw's book Revolutionists Handbook it is stated, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." It is not that Jonathan Gouthier is starting a revolution, but the way this designer views the challenges in brand design has and so has his company. Gouthier marches in as WITH creative, LLC merged from his original studio Gouthier Design now with an interactive and strategy arm. WITH is built on the concept that creativity can help businesses grow and change the landscape of corporate communications.

Gouthier continues to collaborate with clients in his specialty of brand image development. Jonathan's work has been featured in numerous international publications and exhibitions, most recently included in the Best of Self-Promotion Design and the Asia-Pacific Almanac 5 being released in 2009. He has been a noted educator and speaker with recent seminars offered at HOW Design Conference 2009, TypeCon 2009 and Industry Heros Week at Miami Ad School.

Jonathan's intrigue with cultural influences, visuals, typography and their affect on a person's decision making are the tools that he assembles together and collaborates with his clients to create their true story. The imagery and its visual voice can enhance or detract from society and its perceptions of organizations. These journeys that are created by Gouthier WITH his clients produce results and justifiably can be termed beautiful.