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War Reporting in Iraq

American journalists open up about the challenges of covering war in the Middle East

2. Highlights from the Panel

Table of Contents

  1. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    Download this outline and use it to take notes. Includes resources and other information.
  2. Highlights from the Panel FREE!
  3. Career Paths - How Panelists Came to Iraq (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    From a job as a former fact-checker to an "accidental war correspondent," panelists explain what led them to Iraq.
  4. American Public Opinion: Does the media spread fear? (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    Panelists respond to the question posed by a writer in Kentucky's Courier Journal.
  5. To Embed or Not: The challenge of blending in (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    Zomorodi poses the question of going incognito vs. embedding with troops and asks why embedded reporters are currently at their lowest numbers. Plus Chandrasekaran on "the Baghdad equivalent of Pimp My Ride."
  6. Why are Embeds at their Lowest Numbers Now? (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    While TV networks worry about losing their talent to the war, lowest-ranking journalists cover Iraq and the military decides where the stories are.
  7. Does the U.S. have a Strategy? (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    And why didn't journalists cast doubt on the war in its early days? Chandrasekaran explains the differences between daily journalism and a book project.
  8. Do American Readers Care About the War in Iraq? (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    A small number of media outlets cover Iraq, not all of them do it without "smearing" their ideology over the reports. Plus, do journalists have social lives in Iraq? Advice to budding correspondents.
  9. Audience Questions: On Aljazeera, Arabic speaking journalists, Iran, and the accuracy of Iraqi death counts (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    Plus panelist comments on the racial makeup of American troops.
  10. Audience Questions: Is there any solution to Iraq? (10:31) 10:31 FREE!
    The Lancet study of Iraqi deaths. Should the U.S. have invaded in the first place?

Video Details

Five American journalists discuss the careers that led them to Iraq and the turmoil they found there. They also offer views of the media coverage and their prospects for the future. Speakers include Washington Post assistant managing editor Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Columbia Journalism Review writer Paul McLeary, independent journalist and filmmaker Brian Palmer, Washington Post staff writer Joshua Partlow, and former CNN correspondent Walter Rodgers. Moderated by journalist Manoush Zomorodi.

8 videos
1 hour 20 minutes total running time

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