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eBooks and the Future of Literature: Learning from Steve Wasserman

Knowledge and insight from a leader in publishing

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  2. Steve Wasserman on the Future of Literature (14:10) 14:10 FREE!
    In this Direct Access interview, Mediabistro asked Steve to share his thoughts on being an agent in the age of eBooks, and how great writing can survive in a new media age. You'll get Steve's thoughts on rights and permissions issues, the international book landscape, and the power of literature.

Video Details

Steve Wasserman, editor, writer, agent, thinker, knows literature. We ask him to share his wisdom on eBooks, international publishing, and how to make sure that reading stays alive well into the future. Steve Wasserman, former editor of the Los Angeles Times Book Review, is managing director of the New York office of literary agency Kneerim & Williams. He is also books editor of the award-winning online magazine He is past editorial director of Times Books when it was a division of Random House, Inc. and also of Hill & Wang, a division of Farrar, Straus & Giroux. Among the authors he has worked with are President Bill Clinton, Christopher Hitchens, and Sister Souljah. Wasserman joins the eBook Summit to discuss how the new publishing industry affects the relationship between writers, agents, and publishers.

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