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How to Start a Blog

Blogging nuts-and-bolts for people, products, and companies

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    1. Blogging, The Great New Medium Blogging isn't just for teens and hipsters. Blogs have become an essential medium for creative professionals and all types of business owners. Starting a blog is easier than you think. 2. Getting Started You don't have to be web-savvy to set up and maintain a blog. Blogging platforms have different personalities. Before you choose a platform, you should know what each one does best. Types of blogging platforms, their requirements, and their costs. 3. Creating Content Blog content includes text, photos, and videos. You need to know how tags work, why they are important, and other page elements you should include. 4. Comments Why comments can be a crucial part of your blog, and how to use them to increase traffic and foster community. 5. Domain Names Getting your own domain name is a quick and easy way for your to look more professional, and also makes your blog easier to remember and promote. How do domain names work? 6. Tools for Bloggers RSS feeds, and other tools to keep your audience growing, defined and explained.

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You need a blog. You want a blog. But before you dive in, you'll have to make some decisions so you don't end up in the ever-expanding blog graveyard.

What kind of blog do you want yours to be? Friendly and casual, or serious and professional? Do you want your blog to make money? You'll have to pick a platform, organize your content, create tags, and incorporate images, video, and audio. To say nothing of comments, RSS feeds, social media, and traffic monitoring.

Every-blogger David White to the rescue! He'll help you get your blog up and running quickly and easily without an IT department or big bucks. You'll come away ready to fire up your first post.

A detailed crib sheet tracks all the terms and sources mentioned in the video.

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