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How to Write Advertorials

Blurring the ad-edit line doesn't have to be painful.

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Video Details

An advertorial is a newspaper or magazine advertisement giving information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article. Writing advertorials can be tricky. However, blurring the ad-edit line doesn't have to be painful. Your advertorial can be the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine -- the ad -- go down.

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Kim Taylor
Kim Tayloris a freelance copywriter for a variety of agencies and brands including Alternatives Design, Meyer Associates NY, David Levy, Brand Jam, and American Express Platinum Travel. Prior to this, she was a product namer and copywriter for Landor/Young and Rubicam for more than a decade and worked in Time Inc.'s Strategic Communications division. She has an M.A. in media studies from the New School and writes for a variety of websites and periodicals.


"Kim is an invaluable instructor. She has built a course with structure and milestones that lead students to graduate with a portfolio of work. She leads the class so everyone will produce work they are proud of. I highly recommend Kim to anyone even remotely interested in advertising." -- Catherine Katsafouros

"Kim is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and extremely supportive. I gained exposure to many different types of copywriting and walked away with great samples for my portfolio." -- Liz Levy

"Kim was well-versed in copywriting and she chose great exercises for us to work on. Her critiques were very helpful and she made the class challenging and enjoyable." -- Eileen Mullarkey

"The class exceeded my expectations and has made me confident and enthusiastic going forward in a career in copywriting." -- Jaime Fernandez "The class was intensive, but Kim made it fun. We all ended up with portfolios we could be proud of. I now have a solid grasp of a wide array of copywriting styles." -- Caroline Cooney

"Kim is an out of the box instructor who goes above and beyond. She really opened up my creative pores in a way I never thought possible." -- Kathleen Livingston

"Kim was a tremendous resource. I gained confidence and now have a working portfolio to exhibit." -- Dan Lanzilli "I came out of class feeling so much more confident in my writing abilities. I now have a portfolio that I'm proud of and look forward to adding to. Thanks Kim!" -- Meredith Bell

"Thanks to Kim, I felt confident moving from journalism to advertising and left class with a solid portfolio to show employers. I put her advice into action and a few months later, I was offered a job as a copywriter. Thanks Kim!" -- Emily M. White