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Media Training: How to Prep Your Company, Client, and Yourself for Interviews

Get 20 media training tips in 20 minutes from expert Garrett Glaser

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  3. Part 2 (19:05) 19:05 FREE!

Video Details

With the 24-hour news cycle and the explosion of online video, there are cameras everywhere. The dangers of misspeaking are greater and the effects more immediate than ever. Every interview is an opportunity to build a brand, and also a chance to create a media disaster. In this session, we'll introduce you to the 20 most important skills you need to create and package your message for maximum effect while maintaining control of every media interaction you face.

Learn proven on-camera interview techniques used by many of the nation's top Fortune 500 executives, attorneys, analysts, activists, and journalists.

In this recorded webcast, you will learn how to: pull together wardrobe, hair, and makeup; design and deliver your message; handle and control an angry audience or hostile host; and be a great guest who gets invited back.

Garrett Glaser launched Glaser Media LLC to teach media interview, public speaking, and message design skills to Fortune 500 executives. His clients include Barclays Global Investors, Citigroup, Continental Tire, H&M, ING Direct, Jet Blue, Marcal Paper, Nestle, Nikon, Princess Cruises, Samsung, and Sun Microsystems. Garrett has trained dozens of reporters and editors who want to improve their TV delivery and interview skills.

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