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Social Commerce, The New Consumer And Rebooting Your Business

Mitch Joel speaks at Mediabistro's Socialize conference

1. Social Commerce, Highlights (2:10)

Table of Contents

  1. Social Commerce, Highlights (2:10) 2:10 FREE!
  2. Social Commerce, Part 1 (14:19) 14:19
  3. Social Commerce, Part 2 (14:31) 14:31
  4. Social Commerce, Part 3 (13:15) 13:15
  5. Social Commerce, Part 4 (14:55) 14:55

Video Details

Many companies are focusing on their Facebook Page and Twitter feed, but few are really paying attention to how consumers shop and buy. As brands struggle to understand how traditional media, digital marketing, e-commerce and social media work in tandem for best results, many new and surprising opportunities continue to unfold. Consumers have never been so powerful and connected.

Mitch Joel unravels the fascinating world of the new media, social media and social commerce. These ever-changing online touch points are creating conversations and buzz where the results are astonishing and the loyalty is off the charts. This session will provide you with the tools you need to reboot your marketing.

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