Online Boot Camps

Management 101

Become a Top-Notch Manager!

Whether you're managing one person or a team of people, management is a skill that's learned, but not always taught. This four-day boot camp will cover everything you need to know to be the best possible manager you can be. Whether you're transitioning into a new management position for the first time, navigating unique team member personalities, or planning a team event, this boot camp will teach you valuable skills and techniques that enable you to exercise leadership and develop your team in the best possible way.

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Social Media 101

Get Hands-On Social Media Training for Beginners starting May 4!

Social Media 101 will give you a basic understanding of today's major social media sites and platforms and teach you how to use them to achieve your personal and professional goals. You’ll learn how to get set up, share meaningful content, and build and engage an audience across all the top social platforms as well as some key emerging ones. The course will teach you about the full scope of features each has to offer, how and when to share content, which sites or platforms are best for your objectives, plus the latest tools and apps to manage it all on the go.

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