Online Boot Camps

Management 101
Management 101 Become a better manager! This four-day series of webcasts will cover everything you need to know to be the best manager you can be. Whether you're learning how to best transition into becoming a manager, navigating different team personalities, or learning how to plan a team event, this boot camp will teach you what you need to know to be a manager.
ONLINE October 27- October 30, 2014
Book Promotion and Publicity Boot Camp
Book Promotion and Publicity Boot Camp Develop a plan for your book's success! In this intensive online boot camp, you'll learn the publicity skills needed to ensure a successful book launch using various promotional technqiues. You'll learn how to generate more sales, build a more loyal fan-base, and have a higher success rate for your work.
ONLINE November 3- November 6, 2014
Social Media 101
Social Media 101 Get hands-on social media training for beginners! Over 5 weeks, you'll hear from social media and marketing experts who will help you get set up on each platform, create meaningful content, and engage with your audience across various sites.
ONLINE November 10- December 8, 2014
Social Media Strategy Boot Camp
Social Media Strategy Boot Camp Build your social media strategy! Through a series of weeklong webcasts, experts from marketing, social, and content management will provide you with the building blocks to develop your complete social media strategy for your brand.
ONLINE November 10- November 14, 2014
Freelancing 101
Freelancing 101 Manage a top-notch freelancing career! Tune into our weeklong series of webcasts, to hear experts teach you the best practices for a solid freelancing career, from the first steps of self-advertising and marketing, to building your schedule and managing clients.
ONLINE December 1- December 4, 2014
Content Marketing 101
Content Marketing 101 Get hands-on content marketing training! In our interactive series of webcasts, you'll hear from content and marketing experts as they give you tactical advice and the best practices for creating, distributing, and measuring the success of your content.
ONLINE December 8- December 12, 2014