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eBook Summit: Digital Storytelling

Learn about hot trends in eBooks from our experts

1. Highlights (2:26)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (2:26) 2:26 FREE!
  2. Digital Storytelling (Part 1) (10:24) 10:24 FREE!
  3. Digital Storytelling (Part 2) (14:51) 14:51 FREE!
  4. Digital Storytelling (Part 3) (12:36) 12:36 FREE!
  5. Digital Storytelling (Part 4) (8:07) 8:07 FREE!

Video Details

A highlight of our eBook Summit, this talk consists of short presentations and a group chat about tablet computers, eBooks, enhanced eBooks, iPad apps, and new business models for both big publishing and indie presses.

Featuring Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum, co-publishers and editors, Electric Literature, @electriclit; David Steinberger, CEO, comiXology; and Mark Beukes and Jacqueline Bosnjak, co-founders, Idealogue

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