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Be A Blog Star, Pt. 2

How to drive site traffic, with Brian Williams, Jeff Jarvis, Brian Stelter, and friends

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    1. Blog Community What's going to keep readers coming back to your blog? Why is community an important aspect of blogging? Viewing your blog as more than just a publishing outlet is a key to its success. 2. Driving Traffic Updating your blog frequently will help drive traffic to your site, but what else can you do? You'll want to ensure that you are doing everything that you can to promote its content. What will make your blog stand out? 3. Blogs vs. Mainstream Media The gap between blogs and mainstream media is closing. While mainstream reporting is based on diligently verifying sources and tips, blogging practices are characterized by quicker reporting speed, but also greater transparency. Both styles have begun to complement each other. How will your blog keep up? 4. Engaging Your Audience Blogging isn't just about you, and your unique voice. What do your readers want to be informed about? Make sure to review all the comments that you receive, and add new commentary based on the feedback. Your readers want to know that their voice is being heard as well. 5. Favorite Blogs Don't isolate yourself from the rest of the blogosphere. The more blogs you read, the better your blogging will be. Why is this? Why do you need to engage in other blog content as well?

Video Details

Meet the writers and editors behind the professional blogs that shape the media industry.

Why did they start blogging and why do they keep doing it? How did they establish their niches and continue to come up with compelling content every day? What is the relationship between their blogs and their other work? Can blogging help you get a real job?


• Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News
• Jeff Jarvis,
• Brian Stelter, The New York Times TV Decoder
• Chris Ariens,
• Stephanie Murg,
• Jason Chupick,

A detailed crib sheet tracks all the terms and sources mentioned in the video.

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14 minutes total running time

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