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Behind the Reporter's Notebook: The Power of the Crowd with Jeff Howe

Wisdom from one of the smartest voices in the crowd

1. Highlights (3:19)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (3:19) 3:19 FREE!
  2. How Crowdsourcing Works (13:58) 13:58 FREE!
    Jeff begins by introducing his video on how crowdsourcing works, then explains where the term came from. The surprising roots of the idea include "promiscuous creativity," the Vans Warped tour, and Anheuser-Busch, among others.
  3. Why Projects Fail or Succeed (14:11) 14:11 FREE!
    Jeff explains how his Wired article changed things in June 2006 by "putting a word to a phenomenon," then relates the genesis story of Threadless as an example of crowdsourcing as a source of business success. Jeff also explains why lots of crowdsourcing projects have failed.
  4. InnoCentive, istockphoto, and Other Crowd Innovators (15:06) 15:06 FREE!
    Jeff makes the connection between touring musicians, artists, and other creative individuals, and the concept of stock photography, and describes the birth of Jeff describes other cool projects, including InnoCentive, started by Eli Lilly, a bulletin board that encourages scientific innovation.
  5. Questions and Answers (17:25) 17:25 FREE!
    Crowdsourcing is only as powerful as the members of the crowd, Jeff explains. There's a participation gap, and more diverse opinions are needed. Questions from the audience: Will mobile help close the participation gap? What's it like being a Neiman fellow? Birding is possibly the number one recreation in the US, and the field of ornithology has been transformed by crowdsourcing via eBird. With regard to istock, there's a real shift in how stock is changing. What's the future of stock photos?

Video Details

Jeff Howe talks about the socio-economic implications of crowdsourcing, especially as many media companies continue to build niche products and go hyper-local; why the crowd needs to be educated (how do you engage an audience that is out of your demographic, and not on the internet?), and how you can encourage good user-generated content from your audience.

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