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Branded Entertainment: Can It Work Online?

Learn from the trans-media entertainment experts at Mediabistro's UGCX panel

1. Highlights (1:39)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:39) 1:39 FREE!
  2. Narrative Filters: An Introduction (7:03) 7:03 FREE!
    David begins by explaining how ag8 uses "narrative filters" to handle the giant stream of data on the web. How can you make sense of the web using characters and plot? He explains their method of attack.
  3. Where are the Joneses? (9:27) 9:27 FREE!
    Tom introduces the first of three case studies to explain the concept of narrative filtering: Where are the Joneses?, a social media sitcom. Trans-media storytelling allows the audience to tell a story over multiple platforms, including blogs, wikis, Twitter, Flickr and others. He shares a clip from the series.
  4. Running with Bladerunner (12:07) 12:07 FREE!
    Tom describes their relationship with filmmaker Ridley Scott. Inspired by Bladerunner, ag8 did a co-creation collaboration project on the topic: What does it mean to be human? What role does empathy play? Using keywords on FriendFeed, they harvest content to tell a story. The PureFold project will be completed in late 2009. Tom also talks about using Twitter robots to research and "play with" demographics.
  5. Questions and Answers, Part 1 (14:27) 14:27 FREE!
  6. Questions and Answers, Part 2 (9:28) 9:28 FREE!

Video Details

Tom Himpe and David Bausola, of London-based creative marketing agency Ag8, join us to talk about their groundbreaking model for branded entertainment. They recently partnered with Ridley and Tony Scott to create Purefold, a Blade Runner-inspired web series that demonstrates a new era of branded entertainment; brands develop plot lines and distribute them online, and social networking site FriendFeed picks up user conversations and adds them to the mix. Ridley Scott's company, RSA films, picks it up from there to blend the user-generated ideas into short, web segments. It's a project you will definitely want to learn more about!

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