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Controlling Your Online Presence

Get control of your brand online with info from our expert

1. Controlling Your Online Presence, Introduction (4:44)

Table of Contents

  1. Controlling Your Online Presence, Introduction (4:44) 4:44 FREE!
  2. Controlling Your Online Presence, Part 1 (12:53) 12:53 FREE!
  3. Controlling Your Online Presence, Part 2 (15:13) 15:13 FREE!
  4. Controlling Your Online Presence, Part 3 (13:43) 13:43 FREE!

Video Details

Your Google presence is your calling card. Searching your name online is the first thing a potential employer or new client does when they're deciding whether or not to work with you. Having a few hits is a start, but it's not enough. For you to land a job, expand your business, or position yourself as an authority in your field, people not only need to find you -- they need to feel they know you, and that you're in control of your brand.

In this recorded webcast, we'll review tips for controlling how and when your name appears in a search, and we'll review proven techniques for taking ownership of your online presence.

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Noah Lang
Noah Lang is director of business development at, which focuses on providing individuals and businesses with the necessary tools to define their online image. ReputationDefender serves customers in over 100 countries and was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a 2011 Technology Pioneer Award winner. In his role, Noah manages acquisition of and implementation for strategic partnerships and channel distribution relationships. He is an advocate for consumer online privacy, with an expertise in online behavioral tracking, online and offline direct to consumer marketing, and online publication of private personal data.