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Design Smart with Color

This tutorial is about how to use color to make your design process easier.

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Table of Contents

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Video Details

This tutorial is about how to use color to make your design process easier. Ivan Freaner gives you tips on generating exciting color swatches inspired by nature photography and incorporating them into your work for a client or an employer. Also, he provides a peek into his personal stash of go-to swatches and his favorites from Adobe Illustrator's Swatch palette.

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Ivan Freaner
Ivan Freaner is a design professional, consultant and educator at New York University. With over a decade of experience he has created outstanding designs that have brought remarkable solutions for a broad base of clients, such as Nordstroms, VIVRE NYC, PETCO, NFL, Fujitsu, Motorola, Oracle, City of San Diego and UCSD among many others. He is also a consultant with various agencies in New York, San Diego and Madrid.