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Designing Animated Banner Ads

A step-by-step guide to building eye-grabbing banner ads in ImageReady and Flash

1. Introduction (1:53)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (1:53) 1:53 FREE!
  2. Orientation (4:56) 4:56 FREE!
  3. ImageReady Animations (7:23) 7:23 FREE!
  4. Flash Animations (5:56) 5:56 FREE!
  5. The Moving Parts (8:39) 8:39 FREE!
  6. Finished Product (:20) :20 FREE!

Video Details

A step-by-step guide to building eye-grabbing banner ads in ImageReady and Flash. Paulina Tracz starts with simple animation settings in Adobe ImageReady and moves into more involved animations in Flash incorporating text, shapes, and tweens.

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Paulina Tracz
Simple Pea is the brain child and creative practice of Paulina Tracz, whose trade best falls under the label of communication designer. She is a graduate of Cornell University and Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, where she learned to communicate in both the literal as well as visual senses. Degrees aside, she is also very passionate about her work, continuously learning independently through books, the internet and experience. Her design notebook and blog can be found at