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Designing Multimedia Content for iPad

Take advantage of the iPad's unique capabilities

1. Introduction (2:50)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (2:50) 2:50 FREE!
  2. iPad Publishing Basics (5:42) 5:42 FREE!
  3. HTML5 and Adobe Digital Publishing (5:18) 5:18 FREE!
  4. ePUB Best Practices (2:50) 2:50 FREE!
  5. InDesign Tips (4:16) 4:16 FREE!
  6. PDF Documents and HTML5 Web Content (8:09) 8:09 FREE!
  7. Nomad Editions (5:10) 5:10 FREE!
  8. Wrapping Up (3:15) 3:15 FREE!

Video Details

Take advantage of the iPad's unique capabilities. Rita Amladi, designer and co-author of the eBook Graphics Gone Green, guides you through the developing world of multimedia publication design for the iPad. She explains best practices for working within iPad-compatible file formats as well as the special demands of designing for this exciting new mobile device.

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Rita Amladi
Rita Amladi is the owner of Orion Arts & Communications, a digital imaging training and consulting company. She is a Certified Technical Trainer and an Adobe Certified Trainer for Photoshop. Visit her site at