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Editing PDFs with Illustrator and Acrobat

Geoff Blake offers a host of methods for enhancing PDFs using Illustrator.

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
    Watch a free preview of Editing PDFs with Illustrator and Acrobat
  2. Page Object Editor FREE!
  3. Launching and Saving Changes in Illustrator FREE!
  4. Text and Image Manipulation FREE!
  5. Limitations and Capabilities FREE!
  6. Cool Features FREE!

Video Details

Geoff Blake's follow-up to Editing PDFs with Photoshop and Acrobat offers a host of methods for enhancing PDFs using Illustrator. This tutorial covers editing objects and color in Illustrator (along with an introduction to the color guide), manipulating text and images, some cool features that will help you achieve standout visuals, and a whole lot more.

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Geoff Blake
Geoff Blake is a Toronto-based author, video presenter, designer, and artist. A professional public speaker since 1997, Geoff has also taught desktop publishing, web design and graphics courses in both the corporate and college environments throughout the Greater Toronto and New England areas. With his humorous, non-jargonny approach, Geoff produces highly regarded books, articles, and training videos, and regularly contributes tutorials to top design magazines and web sites. Geoff continues sharing his knowledge in his casual, off-beat style through his website,