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Enhance Your Career: The Informational Interview

A great meeting can help you make the next step toward success

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    We begin by explaining how informational interviews can fit into your job search and your long-range plans. You'll learn how to use contacts you already have to find the right target people. You'll get tips on how to make connections, how to get ready for the meeting, and what to ask. Finally, we share a success story to get you psyched to try informational interviews for yourself.

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Some of the most important moments in any career come from connecting with a key person. But these encounters don't just happen: you have to take the first step.

In this course, we'll teach you why informational interviews are important at every stage of your career. You'll learn how to make the contact and set up a meeting. We'll talk about how to prepare, and what kinds of questions you should ask.

Informational interviews aren't just for corporate types. We'll go over some tips for how media and creative professionals can use these meetings to help them write better pitches, get an agent, score a book contract, and more.

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