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Enhance Your Career: The Power of Groups

When you reach out and work together, your career and your life will benefit

1. Highlights

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. It's All About Groups (10:19) 10:19 FREE!
    In the first segment, we'll introduce you to some experts who explain how human connections can help you find a job and be happier at work and in life. We'll also look at how to start and maintain a successful writing group.
  3. Strategy Groups Change Lives (4:49) 4:49 FREE!
    In this video, career counselor Dr. Adele Scheele talks about how effective strategy groups can be in managing personal and professional life changes.
  4. Let People Be Your Lifelines (1:35) 1:35 FREE!
    In this segment, Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone and Who's Got Your Back? speaks about how reaching out and forming better relationships with people can improve your life.
  5. Good Luck! (0:42) 0:42 FREE!
    In the final segment, we'll give you some tips on how to meet people and take advantage of the opportunities that are available through Mediabistro and other sites.

Video Details


It's time to stop going it alone. At Mediabistro, we know that the power of close connections can help all kinds of people, from job seekers to members of the working media and freelance writers.

Think about it: couldn't you use a few more close connections in your life? We'll show you how to meet the right people and build the bridges that will result in meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships.

We'll take a brief look at writing groups and how they work, and we'll point you to some great resources to help you get a group started and help it thrive.

Then we'll look at some other kinds of groups, namely strategy groups and lifeline groups.

You'll watch a video segment from Dr. Adele Scheele, a career counselor with lots of experience helping creative people find their way and work together for mutual success. Next, you'll get some tips from speaker and author Keith Ferrazzi on how a few deep relationships can change your career and your life.

Finally, we'll summarize the course and send you off to start your own group!

4 videos
17 minutes total running time

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