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Evolution of Journalism

An open discussion about the changing business models, innovation, and power of community that are changing journalism

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Table of Contents

  1. Highlights FREE!
  2. Free and Paid Content: Key Questions (15:34) 15:34 FREE!
    Joshua begins by asking Robert Kempf: was it a mistake for newspapers to give away content on the web? How have thoughts about free and paid content evolved? Robert shares his thoughts on the economy, looking at organizations to see what's not replaceable, and what should happen next. Next, Joshua asks Robert Buderi: You have your own start-up about high-tech industry, and you made the decision to deliver content for free. Why? Joshua asks Laura: how are businesses using Twitter to make money? What can journalism learn from these models?
  3. Content and Aggregation Strategies (15:29) 15:29 FREE!
    The Boston Globe's reach in print and online has always been very broad: what will change going forward? Aggregation of content may be part of the answer. What's it like to be a niche player in high-tech innovation? There's as much journalism in curation as there is in creation, Robert Kempf says. Laura speaks to have Twitter chats can help journalists and editors. The panel discusses: What is an appropriate aggregation strategy?
  4. Ethics Online (13:05) 13:05 FREE!
    How do you handle possible ethical conflicts? Is there room for sponsored content? is used as an example of a good marriage of marketplace and content. Brands are built on trust. Do readers care about the ethical lines? NPR is one of the financial bright spots these days: what about the philosophy and business model of underwriting?
  5. Nonprofits and Predictions (13:21) 13:21 FREE!
    How about non-profit online news startups: what role will they have in the news ecosystem? Likely they'll have a mission, and a certain area of expertise. Laura points out that the pornography market focuses on a final result rather than a process, and they're successful because they know what they're selling. Joshua asks: Two years from now, what will the newspaper and media businesses be like? The panel shares some predictions.
  6. Questions and Answers, Part 1 (15:58) 15:58 FREE!
    The panel addresses questions from the audience: What do citizen journalism and user-generated content mean for the future of publications? To Laura: how did you get so many followers in such a short time? The panel shares their experiences.
  7. Questions and Answers, Part 2 (10:54) 10:54 FREE!
    The panel takes questions from the audience. Why do newspapers seem embarrassed to charge for content? What about subscription models? How do the economics of charging for content work? What's the future of the visual and design aspects of online content? What about publishing models for Amazon?

Video Details

The web has turned us all into content creators, publishers, and influencers. Social media has created a new ecosystem for the distribution and consumption of information. But, there's a problem: that ecosystem is built on a foundation of free content. As ad revenue all but disappears, traditional news and online media organizations are feeling the pain of giving something away for free. 

From micropayments to e-readers, no one knows what formula is going to secure the future of the news business, online media publications, or ultimately, the journalism profession itself. This panel discussion will bring together an esteemed group of professionals who have experienced firsthand the shift from traditional organizations to online ventures, to talk about the transition and what tactics they are employing to stay in business. 

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