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Finding Your Audience with Ben Huh

Mediabistro can has cheezburger? Ben Huh of Pet Holdings Inc. shares his social media secrets

1. Highlights (2:00)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (2:00) 2:00 FREE!
  2. Business Goal: Make People Happy (15:05) 15:05 FREE!
    Ben's company goal: make people happy for 5 minutes a day. Ben's company starts a new site every week, and shuts down 50 percent of the sites they launch. His entrepreneurial spirit, sense of fun and focus on the business of scaling have been core to the company's success. Ben traces the history of the business from a single cat photo to generating a billion page views every four months.
  3. Keeping It Simple (6:17) 6:17 FREE!
    The Cheezburger business model requires massive growth; this means that things have to be simple. "Fire up and forget" is Ben's mantra for dealing with vendors and infrastructure. Providers need to prove their worth to you before you spend a penny.
  4. Questions and Answers (10:55) 10:55 FREE!
    From the audience: Why do people submit photos to your sites, and how has the answer affected how you run your business? What percentage of the content that's submitted is eventually posted? (The answer is surprising!) What about community management?

Video Details

Businesses are amping up their social media sites to engage directly with their customers. In this presentation, Ben Huh, CEO of I Can Has Cheezburger, shares the innovative ways he has turned users into customers through social media, and ended up with over one million Twitter followers. If you want to see wacky cat pictures, though, you'll have to visit his sites. Ben is the CEO of Pet Holdings, Inc., the company behind the hugely popular blogs I Can Has Cheezburger?, FAIL Blog and others. The success of his sites can be attributed to his knowledge of memes, viral content and crowd-sourcing.

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