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Finding the Creative Spark

A discussion about how to drive creativity and innovation in your organization

1. Highlights (3:23)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (3:23) 3:23 FREE!
  2. Finding the Creative Spark Part 1 (12:18) 12:18 FREE!
  3. Finding the Creative Spark Part 2 (15:23) 15:23 FREE!
  4. Finding the Creative Spark Part 3 (15:28) 15:28 FREE!
  5. Finding the Creative Spark Part 4 (16:47) 16:47 FREE!

Video Details

Many companies are looking outside their businesses to find inspiration for innovation, and in the process are turning to design firms and creative individuals for insight. The challenges are in finding the time to innovate, and in allowing their employees the freedom to think like designers.

This panel places the emphasis on driving creativity in the workplace, with a focus on interactive and advertising design. Special guests from design, advertising, and interactive agencies will discuss how to create an environment for innovation, processes for idea development, and how individuals can find - or reignite - their creative spark.

Moderated by Jennifer Eggers, the panel features Scott Belsky, Founder, Behance LLC; Dan LaCivita, SVP, Firstborn; and Brian Marr, Managing Director, Wexley School for Girls.

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