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From Blogger to Author: How Bloggers Get Book Deals, and What This Means for Publishing

How bloggers get book deals and what this means for publishing

2. Highlights from the Panel

Table of Contents

  1. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    Download this outline and use it to take notes. Includes resources and other information.
  2. Highlights from the Panel FREE!
  3. Intros and how these blogs became books (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    From career disillusionment to the addiction of an online journal, the panelists explain what drove them to write.
  4. When did publishing begin to take blogs seriously? (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    Plus, the importance of a Web presence in a book proposal.
  5. Blogging's instant gratification vs. authoring's relative silence (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    Blogging can be freeing; feedback can be brutal.
  6. Do most bloggers have unrealistic expectations? (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    A profile in the New York Times can guarantee a book deal, but how does everyone else get an agent's attention?
  7. Prospects for fiction writers, handling publicity, and advice for bloggers who want to publish books (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    Plus, how to manage oversaturation while creating buzz.
  8. More advice and mistakes to avoid (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    The importance of having a good agent.
  9. Panelists disagree on getting an agent vs. contacting publishing houses directly (10:00) 10:00 FREE!
    The role of an old-fashioned, proofread query letter.
  10. Audience questions: Web traffic or buzz? Is the era of the blogger/author over? (8:49) 8:49 FREE!
    Plus, is there a book market for bloggers who work as a team?

Video Details

How do you go from successful blogger to successful author? It's not all about traffic. Our bloggers-turned-authors discuss how their blogs got them noticed, played a part in their writing process, and helped or hurt when their books hit the shelves. ICM agent Kate Lee and Seal Press editor Laura Mazer offer the publishing industry perspective.

8 videos
1 hour 18 minutes total running time

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