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Get a Book Deal: Find an Agent Online

Discover the top 5 agent websites, plus twitter feeds, blogs, and hashtags that will streamline your research process and help you sell your book

1. Highlights (1:56)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (1:56) 1:56 FREE!
  2. Beginning Your Agent Search (3:32) 3:32 FREE!
    We'll tell you where to start to look online, then point you to the most important websites and email lists for potential authors.
  3. Get On the Blogs (5:42) 5:42 FREE!
    In this segment, you'll learn how to avoid getting scammed, how to give agents what they want, all about submission guidelines, using social media to keep tabs on agents, and the top five agent blogs.
  4. Twitter, Hashtags, and Final Thoughts (2:37) 2:37 FREE!
    In the final segment, you'll learn how to make the most of your online reading time, find agents on Twitter, use hashtags and sum it all up.
  5. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    This document lists all the great websites we mention in this tutorial

Video Details

As the publishing industry undergoes a reinvention, the competition to be represented and published has grown steeper. How can you make your query stand out from hundreds of others? In this tutorial, we'll show you the top online resources to help you find and land an agent, and we'll take a look at our favorite picks for agent blogs. We'll also show you how to use Twitter to get the inside scoop on what agents are really thinking.

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