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Get a New Job: Pass the Edit Test

This post-interview opportunity can get you the position of your dreams

1. Get a New Job: Pass the Edit Test (13:25)

Table of Contents

  1. Get a New Job: Pass the Edit Test (13:25) 13:25 FREE!
    We'll take you through the different types of edit tests and how to prepare for and complete each one. You'll also get tips on how to get inspired, how to do your research, and how to further your education as an editor.
  2. Highlights (00:56) 00:56 FREE!

Video Details

You had a fantastic interview, and now you've got an assignment! Well, kind of. What you've really got is an opportunity to impress your potential employer. Seeing an edit test as a chance to stand out is the first step. Then you just have to do the work.

Edit tests come in many forms. You may be asked to create story ideas, do some copywriting, edit a manuscript, or pass a copyediting test. Digital media tests for web-based jobs pose new challenges. You may not have much time, and it has to be good.

We'll give you tips on how to prepare for any kind of edit test, how to make sure your test stands out, and how to cope when you're short on time.

When you see the edit test as a boon instead of a burden, it can really pump up your career quest. Let us show you how to pass the test that will get you the job.

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13:25 minutes total running time

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