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Get the Gig: Perfecting Your Pitch

The right query letter will help you get your next assignment

1. Get the Gig: Perfecting Your Pitch (15:00)

Table of Contents

  1. Get the Gig: Perfecting Your Pitch (15:00) 15:00 FREE!
    We'll begin by outlining why pitch letters are important, then move on to the two key questions for a perfect pitch. Then you'll work on developing your ideas and narrowing your focus. Next, we'll take you through the four parts of a pitch and show some examples of how to tailor your idea to a particular section of a publication. Finally, we'll explain how and when to follow up with editors.
  2. Highlights (00:56) 00:56 FREE!

Video Details

Writing pitches is a science. All you need is an idea and a target. Harder than it sounds, you say? We can make it easy for you with this quick tutorial.

You'll learn the two big questions that you should have posted by your desk at all times. We'll show you how to make sure your pitches highlight your strengths, even the ones you didn't know you had.

We'll take you through the four parts of a perfect pitch, and explain when a single sentence is as good as a full-length query. Finally, our pre-pitch checklist will help keep you on target so that you send out the right pitch to the right editor every time.


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