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Going Beyond the Logo

Turn your client's logo into a powerful multimedia branding campaign

1. Introduction (1:49)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (1:49) 1:49 FREE!
  2. Logos and Branding 101 (5:07) 5:07 FREE!
  3. Breaking Down the Logo (7:44) 7:44 FREE!
  4. The Logo in Print (6:45) 6:45 FREE!
  5. The Logo on the Web (8:23) 8:23 FREE!
  6. The Logo in an Ad Campaign (10:07) 10:07 FREE!

Video Details

Turn your client's logo into a powerful multimedia branding campaign. Designer Aldo Jacobo explains how to capitalize on a logo's value by deconstructing it and applying its elements across various media. The result: highly engaging and consistent branding.

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Aldo Jacobo
Aldo Jacobo has been working professionally in the creative field since 2000. Staying accountable to bosses, peers, clients and mainly himself, he has upheld the highest standards in quality of creative work. Having directed and collaborated in projects for companies and organizations like Nissan, Fujitsu, Motorola, Pepcid and the US Marines, he has acquired invaluable experience in the strategic design and creation of logos, branding, print collateral, websites, web ads, trade show graphics, print advertising, information and instructional graphics. For the past three years he has focused his time and resources into providing the same high standards in graphic design work to small and medium and start up companies, as well as ad agencies and design firms in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, Mexico, India and Argentina. You may contact him via: +1 619 869 0692