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How a Smart Social Media Strategy Drives Business

Learn social media strategy from expert Emily Riley at mediabistro's UGCX conference

1. Highlights (2:07)

Table of Contents

  1. Highlights (2:07) 2:07 FREE!
  2. How to Make People Like Your Brand Online (14:09) 14:09 FREE!
    Emily begins with an example of a Ray-Bans viral video and how conversion works. Customers are using social media to make purchase decisions. Using the POST framework, Emily asks the key questions you need to think about when framing objectives for your company's use of social media tools.
  3. Keep Them Coming Back (15:10) 15:10 FREE!
    How do you use social media to keep your customers interested, and keep them coming back? Emily gives examples of how hospitals and other organizations are using Twitter for live marketing campaigns, then talks about Facebook Connect projects that have broken new ground.
  4. Keep it Local and Personal (11:49) 11:49 FREE!
    What about using local, personal, and immediate strategies for social media? With smart strategies, The Weather Channel is working on local Twitter weather, and Sony is keeping customers engaged after their purchases. Emily provides successful examples, and some final thoughts.

Video Details

Building community and allowing your users to create and distribute content is all in the interest of a robust bottom line. Hear why the new social initiative is working, and how you can wrap it into your strategy. Emily Riley, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, serves Interactive Marketing professionals and specializes in advertiser, consumer, and publisher trends and technologies, which includes social marketing, online brand and direct response marketing, targeting, measurement, and response.

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