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How to Build a Logo - Type, Image, and Space

1. Intro (1:56)

Table of Contents

  1. Intro (1:56) 1:56 FREE!
  2. Interaction of Type, Image, and Space (2:23) 2:23 FREE!
  3. Logo Studies (2:39) 2:39 FREE!
  4. Varieties of Successful Integration (3:19) 3:19 FREE!
  5. The Highest State of Alignment (2:52) 2:52 FREE!
  6. Wrap-up (14:23) 14:23 FREE!

Video Details

Parsons professor Alex W. White closes his four-part series on logo design by examining how the three main components of a mark-type, image, and space-can interact successfully. By manipulating real-world logos, shifting their internal relationships, he illustrates a wide variety of type, image, and space permutations. This final tutorial concludes with a helpful overview of Alex's entire "How to Build a Logo" series.

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Alex W. White
Alex W. White is an award-winning lecturer, author, and designer. He has spoken to thousands of art directors, designers, and editors across the U.S., Europe, and South America. His six books and thirty articles explain the purpose of design, the needs of readers, and how to find the sweet spot where they overlap. He is the chairman of the Type Directors Club and teaches at Parsons the New School for Design.