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How to Edit a Recipe

You can learn some of the fundamentals of food editing in about 15 minutes. Dig in!

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Table of Contents

  1. Crib Sheet (PDF) PDF
    Download this outline and use it to take notes. Includes resources and other information.
  2. Highlights FREE!
  3. How to Edit a Recipe (18:17) 18:17 FREE!
    In this tutorial, we'll show you some of the basics, and take you through the process of editing a recipe, step by step. You'll learn about measurements, ingredients, methods, and more. Then we'll point you to some great resources to get you started to edit your own recipes.

Video Details

Recipe editing is a great skill to have in your portfolio, whether you're interested in getting into food magazines, cookbook publishing, food blogging, or another culinary pursuit. Editing recipes is one of those technical skills that comes with practice. It's like regular copy editing, but even more persnickety. It's easy to make a mistake that could ruin someone's dinner

You'll learn:

  • How to handle recipes from a variety of different sources
  • All about rights issues and style guides
  • The anatomy of a recipe
  • How to edit recipes
  • How to practice recipe editing in your daily life
  • Trade secrets on how to work with chefs
And how to practice and learn even more


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18 minutes

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