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How to Pitch Women's Media

Learn how to send the right message to women's media

1. How to Pitch to Women, Preview (1:54)

Table of Contents

  1. How to Pitch to Women, Preview (1:54) 1:54 FREE!
  2. How to Pitch to Women, Part 1 (14:00) 14:00 FREE!
  3. How to Pitch to Women, Part 2 (15:24) 15:24 FREE!
  4. How to Pitch to Women, Part 3 (14:26) 14:26 FREE!

Video Details

Women are a very sought-after target market, and reaching them through great PR and marketing is a top goal for brands and companies. From fashion magazines to food publications to mommy blogs, there's a wide range of women's media that you need to be pitching. This recorded webcast will tell you how to reach women's media and female consumers with messages that resonate.

Liz McGovern is vice president of Kaplow, where she manages Target's business projects. She has 10 years of public relations experience focusing on the consumer retail, home design, and fashion sectors.

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